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IP Transit – AS45177

For businesses that need to be online all the time at super fastspeeds, RackCentral’s IP transit service delivers a carrier-grade Internet experience.

Our scalable, cost-effective solutions are designed to deliver maximum performance, reliability and freedom from legacy network complexities and constraints.

Global connectivity

RackCentral delivers IP transit services in all major Australian & New Zealand data centre facilities. Offering connectivity options that enhance your capability, we hold extensive peering agreements with the largest global network providers, including AAPT, Spark Wholesale, TeliaSonera, gtt, and cogent

In addition to direct carrier peering, RackCentral provides high performance multi-homed IP transit connectivity delivered as a high quality aggregated service. This allows you to leverage the regional performance advantages of multiple providers with the additional benefit of operator resilience.


Fast, flexible, scalable

RackCentral provides IP Transit services ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps with market-leading levels of flexibility and the option to provision burstable ports to cater for any unplanned increases in bandwidth. Suitable for bandwidth-hungry applications such as web conferencing and web streaming, maximum throughput is only limited by physical port size (10Mb or 100Mb Ethernet).

RackCentral provides industry-leading service level agreements to deliver superior performance and up to 99.95% uptime to meet your most demanding requirements.

Do you support 95th percentile billing?

Absolutely! – if you would prefer a 95th percentile ip transit solution please let us know when requesting a quotation after submitting a request on this screen.

How reliable is your network?

RackCentral maintains its own International Data Network which means we control the quality, reliability and cost of the services we provide as part of our portfolio. We manage our network according to very stringent architectural principles which means you get the best possible performance and network experience when using our services.

Do you support communites?

Yes! We have full support for BGP communities you can take a look at these communities at the following website link. BGP Communities

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