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ownCloud Private Cloud

Free cloud storage is risky. You never know where your files are actually stored, who else can access them or what else is stored on the server. Your files float around in a “cloud.”

Take back control of your files with a personal ownCloud server Your data will be securely stored and isolated in minutes. Access and share your data from wherever you are, on whatever device. You’ll aLways know where your files are hosted

As standard, each ownCloud includes:

  • Sync your data with all your devices
  • Share your data with other people easily
  • External Storage and Encryption
  • Collaborative editing of .odt and .doc files
  • Share Calendars, Galleries and Contacts with other people.
  • Application Store
pricing starts from


Order Private Cloud

1x Base ownCloud Server
2TB SAS Raid10 Storage
2TB NFS SaaS Backup Storage
2TB Bandwidth Included
Full ROOT access provided
Deployment in Melbourne, Sydney or Auckland

How long does ownCloud take to provision?

Typically ownCloud private cloud servers are available 24 hours after placing an order. However you can request a more formal time frame after ordering the service and the order being placed into the provisioning queue.

Do you offer a hosted firewall service?

Yes! RackCentral can provide you one of our RackShield managed firewalls. If you have any questions you can get in touch with us using the form on this page or if you are ready to purchase this service you can order this service by visiting our RackShield service page.

Do you offer Storage as a Service (Saas) ?

Yes we sure do! RackCentral has up to 24TB at any time available to order as a SaaS which can be connected to your service via the private port. You can connect this up as NFS for Linux or ISCSI for Windows.If you would like to order this service visit the SaaS product page.

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